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Please keep in mind I am 63, disabled, handicapped and on Social Security Disability which is little and my work that I do hopefully will supplement my SSD!



If you wish to make a donation to my website, please understand that your donation is a "gift" and is NOT tax deductible. my website and the name: I am NOT a 501c3 organization; we can not have the Federal Government tell us what we can say or not say! My websites are my ministry as well as a mix of politics (Politically Neutral, Independent and Non Affiliated, Internet Radio Shows as well as Theological and Political Opinions of myself and my guests whether on Internet Radio or a Guest Blogger).

Your donations as well as Purchasing from My Website Affiliates will go towards the expenses of producing shows, videos, sermons, shows, etc.. Here is a list of the items which must be purchased (or donated) on a regular basis to make this website possible as well as plans for expansion: (but not limited to nor in any order of) Domain names, Bandwidth, Hosting Costs, etc.

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