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Donations to my website can now be made by seeing the bottom of this page; (you can also go to on the left purchase from my affiliates too!)

Please keep in mind I am 62, disabled, handicapped and on Social Security Disability which is little and my work that I do hopefully will supplement my SSD!



If you wish to make a donation to my website, please understand that your donation is a "gift" and is NOT tax deductible. my website and the name: Jeff Hertzog, Radio America USA WRAM-DB, Philly and Jersey Radio WPJR-DB; is NOT a 501c3 organization; we can not have the Federal Government tell us what we can say or not say! My websites are my ministry as well as a mix of politics (Politically Neutral, Independent and Non Affiliated, Internet Radio Shows as well as Theological and Political Opinions of myself and my guests whether on Internet Radio or a Guest Blogger).

Your donations as well as Purchasing from My Website Affiliates will go towards the expenses of producing shows, videos, sermons, shows, etc.. Here is a list of the items which must be purchased (or donated) on a regular basis to make this ministry possible: (but not limited to nor in any order of)

1. Domain Names.

2. Bandwidth for the Website as well as Server Disk Storage since Videos take up a lot of storage.

3. Blank Printable DVDs, CDs and USB Ports.

4. DVD and CD cases.

5. Paper for DVD covers.

6. Ink for the printers.

7. Royalty Free Music CDs. (Some of which can cost over $100.00!) I can not play music licensed by BMI, ASCAP & SECAP unless donations are generously are given for that!

8. Animation Software.

9. Movie and Photo Software.

10. Cameras. (Both Video and regular Digital still cameras)

11. Shrink Wrap Bags and Equipment for packaging the DVDs and CDs.

12. A NEVER-Ending supply of Books and Research Materials!

13. Lighting for Shooting Video.

14. Computers (Both Desktop, Laptop as well as other needed items) as well as Microphones, Headphones, etc.

15. King James Bibles to Give Out to People so they have the Preserved Word of God

16. King James Bibles on DVD to give out to people

17. Food & Kitchen Items for the Section of the Website "Jeff's Recipes"

18. Other Expenses Not Listed Here, including funds for any Counsel needed! Especially that Big Tech & their allies are seeking to take us down!

19. The Legal Ability to play music licensed by BMI, ASCAP & SECAP, which to be licensed costs thousands of dollars a year!

20. Some Living Expenses Since This Does Take Lots of Time, please keep in mind I am handicapped, disabled on Social Security Disability which is not much at all!

21. My hope is to be able to use my ministry to help the homeless and start a church/home style Bible Study!

ALL of my materials are NOT Copyright-free at this time unless otherwise stated. I am not trying to get rich! My main desire is, and has always been, to promote Organic Gardening/Food, Low Carbohydrate, Nutritional and Sugar Free Health Freedom, bring America back to the United States Constitution and show people the truth all over the world according to God's Holy Word, the King James Version (In English) of the Holy Bible and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Grace of God in this Dispensation of Grace. I rely on contributions from people who have been blessed, to fund future projects and keep this website going.

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