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A Video & Article Showing The Easiest Way To Escape A Sinking Vehicle!

3 Banded Armadillos


From 1974 - (Garner Ted Armstrong Lived: Feb 09, 1930 - Sep 12, 2003 {age 73}) on Printing Money!

Sermon from 2016 - Biblical Look at Gender Confusion

From 1997 - the Late J. R. Church - TICKLING THE TAIL OF THE DRAGON (part 1 of 2 - everything is documented!)

From 1999 - the Late J. R. Church - TICKLING THE TAIL OF THE DRAGON (part 2 of 2 - everything is documented!)

Les Feldick from 2015 at His Home: The 2 Gospels

Les Feldick: Galatians teaching on the two Gospels

Pastor Jim Devney of Grace Point Church of New Whiteland, Indiana from 12-9-15 Why We Use KJV Part 1

Trey Smith on the Book of Enoch: Prophecy of Isis, Israel, Rapture, World War 3, Antichrist, End Times and Bible's Armageddon

Bryan Denlinger; Preaching On The Danger Of Single Christian Women


Radio Talk Show Host Alex Jones has Michael Savage on one of many times they teamed up!

Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage (Born Michael Alan Wiener) Fired From His Job at MSNBC when he hosted a Saturday TV Show in 2003

Michael Savage, Conservative Radio Talk Show Host (Born Michael Allen Wiener) from 2001; he and his wife Janet had a run in with "communists"! WARNING! FOUL LANGUAGE!

Bradlee Dean of the Sons of Liberty Radio Program: America's new god is "Sports"

Robert Scott Bell of the Robert Scott Bell Show Explains Why You Should Choose Organic!

Robert Scott Bell: The Truth About Cholesterol

Dr. Robin Falkov of Health Freedom Rights ( on Heal Youself with Light Emitting Diode Technology

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