Real Problems in the United States!

These issues need to be dealt with if this once great nation is to be salvaged!


REAL UNEMPLOYMENT! No politician from both the Democrats and Republicans as well as the Presidential Candidates of 2016 are addressing this!

The REAL Unemployment Rate has been well over 25 Percent for years! What the U. S. Labor Department does is, instead of calling it Real Unemployment, they use the term "Labor Participation" for those 16 and older. As of September 2016, The "Labor Participation Force was 62.9 % which means:

37.1 % REAL UNEMPLOYMENT! around 94,000,000 (give or take) Not In Labor Force! I guarantee you that over 50,000,000 (some are actually retired!) of them REALLY want a decent paying job so they can earn a living! Yes I realize there are some who are legitimately retired and some that are lazy! I was a Restaurant Manager over 20 years ago and was a Security Supervisor and I had my share of LAZY WHITE PEOPLE (NEVER HAD LAZY MINORITIES! THEY WORKED HARD AND WELL FOR ME!) who just wanted handouts! But almost 40 percent not able to get work is an abomination! Also America has illegal immigration problems that result in the illegals getting the jobs with depressed slave labor wages that Americans can not earn a living let alone pay rent!

Non White Minority Unemployment is at an ALL TIME HIGH! IT REALLY IS THE EVIL RICH WHITE FASCIST NAZIS retaliating against the minorities since Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah (Name given by those that hate him because of his race, NOT his policies!) was in office!

Consider the Tax Burden for the rest of us who work that pay for Assistance and Food Stamps!

At this point it would be useless and futile to list what is needed to bring real high paying jobs to this Nation!

I will cover these below more in detail, but for now I want you to THINK about these things and OPEN YOUR HEART! Your nation is in peril!


3. Union of Big Business (Fascism & Nazism) and Big Government (Communism)

4. Racism

5. The 2 Party Dictatorship of the Democrats and Republicans

6. Kongress (Congress) and the Supreme Kourt (Court)

7. Abortion! (YES, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Green Party ALL GUILTY OF MURDER!)

8. Alcohol (YES, BOOZE!!)

9. Marijuana (Whacky Weed) and Illicit Drugs!

10. Distracted Driving! (Texting, Cell Phones, Being Intoxicated on Marijuana (Whacky Weed), Illicit Drugs and BOOZE!

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