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Welcome to Radio America USA!

Keep this part of the website bookmarked as we grow here on Radio America USA Internet Radio for more details or for the time being, those who know Jeff Hertzog of can contact him directly at a later date.

Talk Radio Shows

Until there is enough financial support to get going so we can provide 24 hour a day 7 day a week internet radio, you can click below the best talk radio and tv shows

Talk Radio Live Shows Line Up for Monday Through Friday: All Times Eastern

Dr. Robin Falkov of Health Freedom Rights (
is on LIVE Daily Before Alex Jones (Monday through Friday) 10AM to 12 Noon Eastern Time, 9AM to 11AM Central TimeYou can listen to replays her shows 24/7 - On Demand at!

The Sons of Liberty featuring Bradlee Dean
is on LIVE Daily After Alex Jones (Monday through Friday) 3PM to 4PM Eastern Time, 2PM to 3PM Central Time and 3 PM to 5 PM/2PM to 4PM Central Time on Saturdays. You can listen to replays his shows 24/7 - On Demand!

The Robert Scott Bell Show
is on LIVE Daily (Monday through Friday) 7PM to 9PM Eastern Time; You can listen to replays his shows 24/7 - On Demand!

Talk Radio Live Shows Line Up for Sunday: All Times Eastern

Sheri Frey; The Easy Organic Gardener; of
12 Noon to 1PM

Other Talk Radio Shows

Here is a sample from "Through the Bible with Les Feldick"All Times Eastern

About Radio America USA

Welcome to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, the Birthplace of a Great Nation and one time the start to Philadelphia and New Jersey Internet Radio called Philly and Jersey Radio and Allentown PA Radio but now called Radio America USA!

Radio America USA Internet Radio features Talk Radio from an Independent, Non Affiliated and 3rd party angle! There is a lot more to talk radio (as well as TV) than (from the right) Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill Cunningham, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Fox News, The Blaze, Newsmax and from the Left (Alan Colmes, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) and others!

You won't get them here on Radio America USA, but shows that are Independent from the 2 major Political Parties and Independent of the 2 big TV Cables on the Right (Fox News and Glenn Beck's "The Blaze") and the 2 big TV Cables on the Left (CNN and MSNBC).

You will get Talk Shows.

There are plans to have Independent Non Denominational and Non Affiliated Religious Programming also!

You will be able to advertise here on Radio America USA Internet Radio.

The programming is designed for (Political) Independents, 3rd parties, lovers of Nutritional Health Freedom and Low Carbohydrate and Sugar Free Lifestyles that has been ignored by the television, Over the Air (AM/FM) Radio Stations and Internet Radio Stations. Our internet talk radio and music programming is designed to appeal to any American and even Canadians who love Talk Radio from and Independent, 3rd party and Non Affiliated view! Radio America USA's goal is to have our talk and musical programs attract a National (United States), Canadian and even a World Wide Audience!

Radio America USA would love to help those grow their businesses, especially those in the Organic Foods, Nutritional and Health Industry whether it is local, regional or national or even Canadian!


The hope is when we can provide 24 our a day Internet Radio that you will be able to listen to Radio America USA from any of the following: Flash Player directly from the Site, WinAmp, Real Player, Quicktime, ITunes, Windows Media Player and even those who have a Smartphone!

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