Those who oppose me in getting justice in this boycott for any reason, or says I am nuts, exaggerating and any other sodomite pedophilia bull is RACIST, MUSLIM HATER & CHILD MOLESTER!!

NUMBER 1 ON THIS LIST, THE HOUSE OF SATAN aka Valley Manor Nursing Home, 7650 PA-309, Coopersburg, PA 18036 Bucks County

All the abuse I suffered, if we had real justice and a REAL President (NOT THAT MAGA guy) Valley Manor Nursing Home, would be closed, and BULLDOZED just like EASTERN SHORE NURSING HOME OFF ROUTE 9 IN SOUTH JERSEY!

I will put more later, but there will be photos of the SPAWNS OF SATAN WHO HARMED ME & THEIR KGB-GESTAPO PIGS FROM THE SPRINGFIELD PIGS DEPARTMENT (THEY ARE NOT POLICE, THEY ARE PIGS! There is a difference). I have not forgotten Tracy the former Unit Manager when she hassled me to the point I called for help and the pigs harassed me and the Chief of Pigs got nasty at me! Anyone says I am nuts and etc. is RACIST AND CHILD MOLESTER worthy of CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! AMERICA NEEDS A REAL PRESIDENT TO CLEAN THE SATANIC FILTH AND ROT UP! NO THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DEFEND THEMSELVES THEY DO NOT GET DUE PROCESS, THEM BASTARDS FROM HELL DID NOT GIVE ME DUE PROCESS! This includes Feminazi Debbie Taylor of Bucks County! The State & Feds needs to CUT ALL FUNDING! make them suffer like I am! IF ALMIGHTY GOD DOES NOT JUDGE THESE PEOPLE AND SEND THEM TO HELL & LAKE OF FIRE HE WILL HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO SODOM & GOMORRAH!


Lehigh Valley Hospital & Health Network Allentown, PA (They are the ones who sent me to Valley Manor, I called my physician's office & Erin Shay the Social Worker begging for them to get me out of there but not only I was blown off, Shay bitched me out, another reason and example of why I would & will NEVER get married, what do you expect from a female like Shay that is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, the biggest child rapists & molesters on earth and will lead the world to the Beast/Antichrist, False Prophet & 666! more to come, COUNT ON IT!!)


Catholic Charities of Allentown, PA (more to come!!)



Burlington Center Mall is a two-level enclosed shopping mall located at 2501 Mt. Holly Road Burlington Township, NJ 08016 (609)-387-8300; Office Hours M - F 9am - 5pm Eastern Time, opened in August 1982. It was built by The Rouse Company of Columbia, Maryland.

Currently, the mall's only anchor is Sears. The mall is owned by Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC 702-968-2474

These PERVERTS from HELL without ANY reason forcing the Burlington Township Food Pantry out, on November 22, 2017, Domenic Zulla, who is the Operator of the pantry on the lower level of the Burlington Center Mall received a notice in the mail saying the pantry had 30 days to vacate the mall space, forcing not only a rapid search of a new home, but 100 plus families will no longer be fed! Mall Management gave NO reason for this! IT IS SICK, EVIL, SATANIC & PERVERTED!

You can read this heartbreaking story here

You can contact the numbers above and sound off about their cruelty! Let us NOT shop at this mall where these spawns of Satan have no heart for those in need!


29 year old (as of February 2016) Chris Emery was employed at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in South Whitehall Township (West of Allentown), Lehigh County Pennsylvania for 12 seasons as a restroom attendant and cleaner/janitor attempted to return to his employment position at Dorney Park for a 13th season and was looking forward to his 13th season at Dorney Park.

Emery, a special needs person will not return to Dorney Park for a 13th year after the Dorney Park did NOT invite him back! A social media outcry lead to the park to welcome him back. Emery's mother tells The (Allentown) Morning Call in early 2016 that she doesn't want her 29-year-old son to return to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom because of how he was treated! Emery had an excellent employment record and there never was any disciplinary problems! this interview process was not designed for people like her son. "The whole interview was not set up for special-needs people, that's what it boils down to". Obviously, his disability didn't prevent him from doing his job or they wouldn't have hired him back for 12 years.

Mike Fehnel, the park's general manager, says the company respects and values all of their workers, and they want Emery back.

The incident MUST cost Dorney Park and its corporate parent, Cedar Fair LP, any long-term businesses and lots of money! Dorney Park as DISCRIMINATED Emery cause of his special needs! Where was our Federal Government on this one and where was our "fairness" President Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah on this? And now where is Donald John Trump on this?

My Hope is in 2019 and beyond there will a massive protest and demonstrations at Dorney Park and these activists will be able to turn may away from patronizing Dorney Park! REAL Justice would be that Dorney Park would have to close its doors and be put out of business!

Congratulations to The Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia said they will boycott Dorney Park after an employee with special needs wasn't rehired. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016)

Also congratulations to Autism Speaks Walk (which attracts roughly 5,000 supporters) for moving out of Dorney Park, citing treatment of special needs worker!

Let's keep this boycott going and hit it in the pocket books! Maybe the Federal and State Governments will finally prosecute, fine and imprison (THAT'S RIGHT! PUT THE GUILTY IN JAIL FOR AT LEAST 25 YEARS!) the guilty discriminators! YOU can do something about this too! Don't be a gutless, spineless coward! Contact the President, the United States Attorney General to go after Dorney Park and the Attorney General in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on a State Level! I want justice for this guy!

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