Jeff @ 58

I was a PATIENT (NOT RESIDENT! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR SODOMITE PEDOPHILE HEAD!) at Valley Manor Nursing Home/Valley Manor Health and Rehabilitation, 7650 PA-309, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania 18036 Bucks County, I suffered severe abuse & neglect as well as corrupt cover up, threats of false arrest & death threats by management & staff if I say anything! I was a patient after my amputation of my left toes in May 2018 and finally left on my own, they bastards/scum bags refused to discharge me, the satanists wanted me to stay there and die I walked out December 2018. I was near death & I will do a show on that in the future. There will be all the details coming on this web-page including names of all involved, even the Springfield Police Department that the Chief of Pigs (not police, they are KGB/Gestapo racist scum from HELL) hung up on me when one of his sodomite thugs was upset at me that i called Bucks County on Tracy the unit manager at that time and the white nazi-fascist bastard wanted to taze me! I along with non white activist allies have been calling for the dissolving of this Satanic Nazi Fascist Communist Pig force & the Pennsylvania State Police patrol the area for 5 years & the Chief of pigs & his 3 thugs never work in Law Enforcement again! YES THERE IS VIDEO I RECORDED AND SENT OUT IN THE INTERNET, I MAY BE ABLE TO GET THEM BACK SO I CAN POST THEM! My life was threatened if I recorded anything!

Those who say "it did not happen" or "you are nuts/insane", "move forward" "baseless" "exaggerating" "white race hater" and any other bullshit shitting through your mouths is RACIST, BIGOT, MUSLIM HATER (Assalamu Alaykum to my old friends back in Mile Brook's day the Coalition of Non White, Non Jews & the Liberation of Palestine" for your support & willingness to take this fight to America, the World, United Nations Human Rights Commission, China, India, Russia etc. so hopefully Valley Manor & the Springfield Police Departments will finally be forced closed down, vacated then BULL-DOZED just like Eastern Shore Nursing Home in New Jersey!

I have forever given up hope, lost all hope for this once great nation. I believe with all my heart that the United States will fall/collapse within 25 years, I hope to be alive to see it, see justice done & punishment administered! In the midst of National (American) Apostasy & the Nation turned it's back on Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible & even the United States Constitution over a slow period of time since the evil 3 of Progressives Teddy Roosevelt (Republican), Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) and racist & Jew Hater Margaret Sanger (a devout socialist and a member of the American Eugenics Society.), founder of Planned Parenthood (who has contributed to the murder of possibly 75,000,000 unborn babies in this now apostate/fallen nation) took this once great nation to depravity and it's eventual judgement; in spite of all of this & seeking justice against all those who abused me @ Valley Manor Nursing Home, Coopersburg, PA Bucks County, I fully intend to fight for Capital Punishment against evil abusers of nursing homes and then they can suffer eternal damnation. I intend to fight for truth & justice!

Age: 58

Height: 5" 10"

Marital Status: Single, Never Married (Not Looking, Not Available, Not interested!)

Non Smoker: That means NO Tobacco!

NO Marijuana - In Other Words, Very NON "420", etc.

Non Alcohol Consumption of any kind

Non Drug User with the ONLY Exception of what is Medically Prescribed

NO Junk Food!

Pro Organic and Non GMO!

58 years old, a Low Carber (Zero/Ultra Low/Low Carbohydrate and Sugar Free Lifestyle to combat Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and the Waistline is to try to Organic as much as possible), non smoker, non tobacco user, very non “420”, non alcohol user who believes in Complimentary Medicine from a practical and pragmatist way, using both Orthodox and Alternative Medicines to feed and protect the body and my immune system. I use Nutritional Supplements and eat very strict and of course ultra low carb consisting of Beef, Poultry, Seafood and Eggs as well as Aged Cheeses while using Heavy Cream and Stevia for my Organic Coffee and Herbal Teas, Low Carb Breads for my Fiber and whenever I eat the very low Glycemic Vegetables and Fruits I see to it it is Organic!

If any of you wonder what my politics as well as my religious beliefs are, it is very simple:
Independent and NONE Affiliated as you see below!!!


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