Jeff @ 57

Age: 57

Non Smoker: That means NO Tobacco!

NO Marijuana - In Other Words, Very NON "420", etc.

Non Alcohol Consumption of any kind

Non Drug User with the ONLY Exception of what is Medically Prescribed

NO Junk Food!

Pro Organic and Non GMO!

57 years old, a Low Carber (Zero/Ultra Low/Low Carbohydrate and Sugar Free Lifestyle to combat Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and the Waistline is to try to Organic as much as possible), non smoker, non tobacco user, very non “420”, non alcohol user who believes in Complimentary Medicine from a practical and pragmatist way, using both Orthodox and Alternative Medicines to feed and protect the body and my immune system. I use Nutritional Supplements and eat very strict and of course ultra low carb consisting of Beef, Poultry, Seafood and Eggs as well as Aged Cheeses while using Heavy Cream and Stevia for my Organic Coffee and Herbal Teas, Low Carb Breads for my Fiber and whenever I eat the very low Glycemic Vegetables and Fruits I see to it it is Organic!

If any of you wonder what my politics as well as my religious beliefs are, it is very simple:
Independent and NONE Affiliated as you see below!!!

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